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There are a whole bunch of people looking like they are doing things to better themselves and their situations. They are making all the right movements, but in reality all they are doing is treading water. Sure they are staying afloat, but they aren't moving in a forward direction. "Stretch 2 Succeed Foundation" aims to grow a community of people who wants to keep moving forward in life. Because remember "If you are not willing to risk the unusual you will have to settle for the ordinary"

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Many times we ask this question, why am I not where I want to be, how can I form a team, how can I be trustworthy and be an exemplary Leader? Here is an excerpt from Lesson on Initiative & Leadership from Napoleon Hill in the book "Law of Success" written in 1928.


What does Leadership consists of? What must I do to become a leader?

What are the attributes of Leadership and how can I cultivate them?


Answer: Leadership is a composite of a number of qualities, most important among them are:

1. Self-Confidence (know your business, know yourself)
2. Moral Ascendency ( you are maintaining higher moral values, physical endurance & vitality than people you are going to lead)
3. Self-sacrifice (work while others sleep, take responsibility for you and your men, you are dream driven hardest worker compared to others)
4. Paternalism (watchful care for the comfort and welfare of people with you)
5. Fairness
6. Initiative (those who take initiative lead)
7. Decision (deciding and standing by it)
8. Dignity (self-respect, show better discipline to your men by being punctual, on course, better appearance & look)
9. Courage (be bold and taking responsibility of your act)


To lead you must know!!

Know your men, know your business, know yourself!!

(Source: Major C.A Bach address to the student officers of the second training camp at Fort Sheridan during the World War I. )


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